Monday, September 9, 2013

Support for the Fight Against Giant Salvinia Spreading

Just like Giant Salvinia, support for any and all efforts to fight this floating aquatic invasive plant is spreading. In a Saturday article from the Marshall News Messenger, additional funding from the Harrison County Commissioners Court was on the agenda for their Monday, September 8th meeting.

US Congressman Louie Gohmert who represents the area also provided his support for the efforts and need to continue them out at Caddo Lake. Not only did he encourage everyone to visit Caddo Lake and enjoy the lake's unique natural beauty, he also commended the efforts of the Center for Invasive Species Eradication's weevil rearing operation at the Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge and the work being done with the salvinia weevil. As the Congressman mentioned, the salvinia weevil does show promise for being able to manage giant salvinia levels in lake at some point in the future, but it will take time and a large number of weevils....both of which are in short supply. 

For now, research at the weevil rearing facility is focused on producing weevils and trying to identify a more cold tolerant strain of weevil that may be more able to withstand the sometime harsh winters that Caddo Lake can experience.

Congressman Gohmert takes a closer look at the salvinia weevil during an August 2012 visit to the weevil rearing facility at the Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge

In addition to support from elected officials, local support has greatly increased as well. People are volunteering time and resources to try and get a handle on the giant salvinia issue. Hopefully, weevil production capacity will increase through this increased interest and a step closer to managing giant salvinia can be taken.

Until then, keep up the good fight. And to borrow the "Take Care of Texas, It's the Only One We've Got" tag line from TCEQ and Kevin Fowler; Take Care of Caddo, It's the Only One We've Got"

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