Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Support for Weevils Grows...So does Giant Salvinia

This year has turned out to be a bad one for Caddo Lake in terms of giant salvinia coverage. Recent estimates have put the total number of acres covered in the Texas portion of the lake alone somewhere north of 6,000 acres. This level of infestation has drastically reduced use of the lake as boats easily get stuck in the floating mats of giant salvinia that cover the upper ends of the lake.

On a positive note, local support has grown significantly and the use of salvinia weevils is now viewed as the best, long term solution to the problem. In fact, the Greater Caddo Lake Association is hosting a benefit barbeque this Labor Day weekend that will expand the production capacity of weevils around Caddo Lake. An article in Sunday's Marshall News Messenger provides details of the event and further describes the dire situation at Caddo Lake this summer. If you can, please make plans to attend this great event and help support efforts to protect this beautiful lake.

Giant salvinia completely covers Boat Road C on Caddo Lake. Similar coverage of salvinia is present across more than 6,000 acres of Caddo Lake in Texas this summer.

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