Friday, February 8, 2013

The Problem Spreads

Earlier this week, an article in the Austin American Statesman revealed a growing problem in northeast Texas lakes....giant salvinia. According to Texas Parks and Wildlife Biologist Lynn Wright, lakes with recently reported giant salvinia infestations include Lake O’ The Pines, Gilmer, Murvaul, Wright Patman and Lake Welch.

This recent rash of infestations highlights the need to raise awareness about the dangers of this plant. It's rapid growth rate and lack of natural enemies in Texas give it a competitive advantage in almost any water body. Preventing new infestations is much easier than managing infestations once they arrive and as such TPWD is asking boaters to be extra vigilant about checking and cleaning their boats and trailers both before they launch and after they load.


To read the full article in the Statesman, click the link below.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How Should Homeowners Deal with Salvinia?

In a recent article in the Marshall News Messenger titled "Before treating salvinia, residents must file paperwork", Tim Bister, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's district supervisor and fisheries biologist in the Caddo Lake area discussed appropriate steps for homeowners and landowners around Caddo Lake to take if they want to fight giant salvinia on their own.

Caddo Lake is a public water body and as such, is managed by the state.  To deal with nuisance or invasive aquatic vegetation like that commonly present at Caddo Lake, the state requires that a document known as an Aquatic Vegetation Treatment proposal be filled out. What these documents do is outline the type of aquatic vegetation (floating, emergent or submerged), the target aquatic vegetation species name, the estimated amount of aquatic vegetation acreage to be treated, and the proposed treatment type (mechanical, biological or chemical). A map also accompanies these treatment proposals as well and helps TPWD ensure that there aren't any conflicting treatments planned.

While the article provides more specific information about Aquatic Vegetation Treatment proposals, it is always a good idea to contact the TPWD District office to discuss plans. In the Caddo Lake area, TPWD's District Office is located at 3802 East End Blvd. So., Marshall, Texas 75672. You can also contact them by phone at (903) 938-1007.