Monday, February 7, 2011

Big Green Break / Tar Island Salvinia Coverage Video (Fall of 2010)

This video clip was taken November 2010 during an airboat survey (piloted by the TPWD Jasper aquatic vegetation crew) through a thick giant salvinia infestation on Tar Island / Big Green Break on Caddo Lake. This area is a large cypress break located in the middle of the lake positioned on the Texas and Louisiana border. This is a known problem area and is one of the primary giant salvinia nursery areas on the lake. Giant salvinia typically moves downstream into this protected area from other major infestations. It is hoped that this area will become an important weevil release site at some point in the future.

Sorry about the shaky and wobbly footage...airboats are loud, bumpy, and generally difficult to videotape from when using a small, handheld digital camera borrowed from your wife. Notice that at some points, even the powerful airboat struggles to push through the choking giant salvinia mats.

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