Thursday, October 23, 2014

Passing the Torch

The Center for Invasive Species Eradication program that funded the construction of the weevil rearing facility at the Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge and much of the salvinia weevil research over the last four years has come to an end. Funding for the program expired in July 2014.

Prior to its closing, plans were made to transfer the greenhouses at the refuge over to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to operate. They will continue to raise as many weevils as possible at this facility for use at Caddo and other lakes in the area.

Assistance was also provided to the Greater Caddo Lake Association of Texas and the Caddo BioControl Alliance, a newly forming non-profit organization that will manage the "Morley Hudson Weevil Greenhouse at Caddo Lake." This is a true grass roots effort to deal with the giant salvinia on Caddo Lake with local resources. Lofty goals have been set for this facility, but with continued support and perseverance, significant progress can be made. To learn more about this facility and contribute to the cause, visit the Greater Caddo Lake Association of Texas website. In the video below, GCLA President Daren Horton gives an overview of the newly established facility.

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